Getting internet connection in Germany

Apparently, it is not that easy in some areas in Germany to get the internet access. I am not talking about the mobile internet. What I mean is when you move to a new place, the apartment might not have any working internet connection.

To my dismay, the apartment we are renting now has no internet connection (yet). We had no idea that it would be a problem for us. The landlord said we could use a TV cable to get the internet. We called a TV company and some days later the worker came. His conclusion was ‘the TV cable is too old. It is fine for watching TV, but not for getting the internet.’ Moreover, his words were ‘It would be impossible to install a new cable for you (to get it upstairs from the basement).’ I guess the word ‘impossible’ is applied here, because we rent the apartment, and we cannot let the workers to destroy baseboard, probably damage the carpet etc. to get all the things done.
So, no cable internet for us.
What about LAN internet? Somehow, the building does not have this option. No LAN internet for us either.
DSL internet? For this type of connection, we need to get a virtual port. We have faced another problem: the internet provider has no more virtual ports in that area and according to it, ‘that is not a part of its plan to expand the number of the ports in the near future’. What is next? We have called another internet provider. They will be back with us in some days. Will they have free DSL ports? We do not know. Are there no more DSL ports left in that area completely or each company buys a certain number of the ports to provide for its customers? Have no idea.
Getting LTE internet is not the alternative either. The service fee is quite high for us and the cell phone signal is not that stable in many parts of the apartment.
I am a person who does not know much about the technical side of this question. I find it very confusing and a bit irritating (not to mention, time-consuming). It is surprising to me that in Germany getting the internet access at home can be more complicated than in other, less developed countries. The internet is important to me to stay connected with my friends when I am abroad, to read the news, to work. I am not looking for the perfect computer game graphics or high-speed internet to download movies. All I need is stable connection and assurance that no matter where I rent an apartment I can access the internet at home. *Sigh*


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