A stolen package

Do not trust your neighbors. That what we have learned in Germany. After moving to a new apartment, we ordered a computer chair via the internet. A package was delivered to our building while no one was at home. A deliveryman left the package inside the building on the first floor. He did not obtain a signature upon delivery. He signed for the delivery himself. He used a nickname (something like Der Herr im ersten Stock lol). By the time my husband got home, the only thing he saw was the empty package box. At first, my husband thought that someone moved the chair away, because it caused troubles to pass the hallway easily. There are storage rooms on the first floor for common usage. My husband looked for the chair over there. He checked the garage and all other rooms for common usage on that floor. He found no signs of the chair.

First, why did any of our neighbors open the package? No one has the right to open someone else’s boxes. Second, if someone wanted to move the chair away, why not to do it with the box? Third, why not to leave any notes for us?
We hoped for the best and waited for any news about our chair. No one called us. My husband did not move the empty box away, but put a note on it asking where the context of the package was. No one replied so far. Our chair is missing.
The evidence shows our chair was stolen. Who did it? We cannot know for sure. The package was inside the building. People who could see it were our neighbors, any possible visitors and deliverymen.
Someone just opened our package. Someone who might live in the same building is a thief. I do not enjoy the idea of it. I do not feel safe ordering any packages in the future.
The delivery company admitted their fault and started the paper work about this case. I hope that a deliveryman will not leave any package randomly next time. The company that sold us the chair returned the money to us after we mailed them about the theft. Nevertheless, the feeling of disappointment is still there. Thinking of the fact I cannot trust my neighbors is making me sad. I do not want to worry about my bike I leave downstairs every night I go to bed. I do not want to be afraid to come home late and pass the empty dim hallway downstairs. I am very sad to see that there is no community feeling at my new dwelling. I believe in good human nature and wish people could be kind to each other, especially when they live under the same roof.


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