Am I scared of moving abroad?


Yes, I am. No doubt, I am. Why is that? Mostly I have the following concerns:

1. My German is not that good (yet)
I am about to move to Germany. Meanwhile, I only have A1 German language certificate, which means I can communicate in German on a simple level. Everyday topics are fine with me, but nothing too complicated. I will start attending a language school over there as soon as it is possible, of course. Nevertheless, until I reach C1 level in German language, I cannot feel relaxed and comfortable on a daily basis. I fear I cannot communicate efficiently, and I am afraid of encountering topics of discussion I cannot fully understand.

2. I am afraid of not finding a good (or any) job
I do have a university degree that I obtained in my home country, however, my degree, even though it is in the field of linguistics, has nothing to do with German language. Searching for a job online can be a difficult task for me. I am not that well prepared for looking for a job in Germany. I do not know where to start. I shall think carefully of how to write my résumé in German. I have no German friends/relatives who can recommend me somewhere and help me get a job. How can I work efficiently without speaking proper German? What if the only job I can find is to clean/babysit/serve in a restaurant!? Many questions to consider.

3. People will be laughing at my accent
When I talk, I wish people understand me clearly. Howbeit, sometimes that is not enough. Some native speakers show no mercy if you speak their language with a funny accent. I do not want people to laugh at me. I do not want to feel ashamed when I open my mouth to say a word. Germany is full of immigrants. Many Germans do not enjoy this fact for many obvious reasons. I just hope next time anyone laughs at someone’s accent he will put himself in another person’s shoes.

4. I have no friends in a new country
Having no friends means lack of support to me. I call my best female friend on the phone every time I hear or see something funny. I feel an urge to share important news with her once I get it. Knowing I cannot dial her that easily any longer, because of the time differences and my new different schedule, makes me sad. I have a feeling I will be quite lonely in a new country. I hope that will not last for a long time and I can make new friends. I am going to miss my old ones very much, though.

5. I am afraid of leaving my close family
I am going to miss my parents. 100%.

6. I am too old for such an adventure
Moving to a new place means a lot. You have to change not only your work, but also, sometimes, the whole lifestyle. Can I adjust to so many things? As a simple example, I cannot find certain products in supermarkets in Germany, which I like to get in my home country. Culture and mentality are different in Germany in comparison to my motherland. I have to start a new life. Can I do it? Will I get homesick? Nobody can answer those questions for me. I have no choice, but accept the challenge.

Good luck to me and to everyone who is moving away from his home country! Let’s try our best.


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