How living in another country changes your habits

I have never liked talking to strangers. I found it a bit awkward and confusing. Back in my home country, I was always busy, in a hurry to get home or to do some assignments. Here, in Germany, things are different. I am lacking new friends here. I am confident that after I start attending a language school and find a job I will have more acquaintances. At the moment, I do not really have any German person to talk to.

I guess, that feeling of loneliness changed me a bit. I do enjoy random conversations on a street now, even though I am still not able to understand everything people say to me. In the past, when I was here for a short period of time, once I was walking alone around the city. I like taking a stroll, but, preferably, with friends of mine. Here, I cannot afford such a luxury. I was watching swans in the lake when a woman said something to me. I apologized, saying that I speak only a bit of German. She was kind to continue the conversation, talking about the swans. I got a feeling that she was equally happy to chat with someone, despite the fact I understood only 50-70% of what she was saying. Strangely, that little chat made my day.

Today I met a man from Chile in a supermarket. He started the random conversation. I would never have a long chat with a stranger back at home. Today, I was HAPPY to listen to his German and trying to talk back.

Surprisingly, I find it difficult to talk in German. I keep forgetting words I learned. I do need more practice and I am glad that strangers, who like to start a conversation on a street, give me such an opportunity. I find talking to strangers rather fascinating now. You never know what you can learn from a conversation. I feel I am becoming more open-minded.:) I do not mind it!

Next time someone starts talking to you on a street, try to listen to this person carefully. Maybe, just a simple word you say or a smile you give to a person can make his/her day. Just a simple chat will not hurt.


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