Getting a haircut in Germany

I have many friends who live abroad and complain they are never satisfied with the way hairdressers cut their hair. For example, my friend who works in Beijing has to find a non-Asian hairdresser. At the same time, I know some Asian people in Germany who try to avoid German hairdressers.

I also noticed that men tend to be less satisfied with foreign hairstylists. I believe, they have harder time to explain what they want and possible mistakes are more noticeable on shorter hair. I heard so many scary stories from people I know, that I was a bit worried of cutting my hair in another country.

It appeared, I had nothing to worry about. I have to say that cutting hair in Germany is more expensive than in my hometown. I am not alone who thinks so. An Italian girl I know said she was not ready to pay EUR 90 for a simple haircut and hair coloring. Also, you have to call a beauty salon in advance. I made an appointment one week in advance. Calling a hairdresser was a good language practice for me. The only verb I really needed to remember was  schneiden.

On the day of my appointment, I had problems to find  the hair salon. I could not understand the map and walked some distance to the wrong direction. The internet on  my phone periodically stops working and I often have problems to find out my route. Luckily, I was not too late. No one except for me and a hairdresser was at the hair salon. It made me wondering why did I have to make an appointment so early in advance. Hmm… It seems in small cities in Germany that is an unspoken rule. haha

I spoke German only with the hairdresser. She understood what I needed without any problem. I also explained such simple words as  ‘straight’ and ‘2 cm’ using my hands. I did not know the definitions of some words she said to me, for instance, Scheitel. Nonetheless, I got what she meant easily and had no problems to explain to her what I wanted. In addition, I downloaded a picture of a hairstyle similar to mine. Of course, I forgot to take my phone out of my bag at the hairdresser’s. 🙂 I have heard many people prefer to show a picture of a hairstyle they want to a hairdresser and have no regrets!

It seems to me, hair salon is a great place to practice your language skills. As my hairdresser said, she is used to Multi Kulti. I think this is important not to be too shy and not to be afraid to talk in another language. One should try to use any opportunity for speaking the language he/she learns. Beauty salon is one of those opportunities. 🙂


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