‘Wir sind als eine große Familie’

‘Wir sind als eine große Familie’ has said one of the students in our group in VHS. This is so true! We have studied together for about 4 weeks and we have become very close in one way or another. Surprisingly, language and cultural barriers were not that much of a problem for us. I believe, the feeling of being in the same boat brought us together.

None of us speaks good German. We all came here for one reason or another, but we all had similar experience of getting accustomed to new living conditions. Most of us do not need to speak German that much outside of the school for various reasons. Unconsciously , we have become good speaking partners, if not the only ones.

Lesson by lesson we encountered different problems. We tried to help each other as much as we could. We  helped each other to understand German grammar using our limited German vocabulary. We laughed a lot. Every day there was a reason to smile. We made funny mistakes, spoke too much of English instead of German, made jokes about our homelands, etc. We learned some Arabic, Russian and Japanese words. We understood more about each other’s points of view. We improved our knowledge of geography and politics. Wir haben ein bisschen über Deutschland geschimpft. We shared our lunches. We congratulated each other with Eid al-Adha, even though half of us does not know much about it. We became one very diverse family.

One day we watched one German movie called Im Juli. Our teacher made a great choice. This movie tells a lot about how foreigners see Germany and how life in Germany in comparison to neighboring countries is. You do not need to speak that much of German to understand the meaning of the film. We all laughed and had fun. We are people from many contrasting countries, but we are united by one goal: to learn German. I find it beautiful that every day German bands us together.

I am going to miss people I met in the school. I hope I can stay in touch with friends I have made there and I hope to meet others on the city streets sometime. I wish everyone has a smooth life in Germany!



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