Buddha im Garten

I have been to India and China, but I have never seen as many Buddha statues on random streets there as I see in my neighborhood in Germany. Having Buddha statue in a garden is not that rare. I have no idea where the fashion comes from, but I have seen people put up Buddha statues next to lion and dog ones. I find it strange. Perhaps, even a bit offending. I do not have German friends whom I can ask why is that so popular here. I can only guess, that people just buy what is available on the market. As you can see there are plenty of them on Amazon:


Photo 01-03-16 15 43 34

Photo 01-03-16 15 43 41

Photo 01-03-16 15 44 05

I guess garden gnomes are old-fashioned nowadays. That’s a pity though. Buddha statue in a garden next to a dog statue seems odd and tasteless to me. Well, ‘so many men, so many minds’. I hope that people are satisfied with their purchases and had no intention to offend the religious aspect of the Buddha image.

Speaking of trends, there are two other ones I want to talk about. The first one is rather touching and sad. Our German teacher told us that it is common among Germans to wear a wedding ring of a spouse who has passed away. If you see an old woman wearing two wedding rings, one of which is a men’s one, you can tell she is a widow.

Photo 01-03-16 16 28 48

Another thing is that very often Germans do not clap, but knock on a table. There are several explanations of the origin of this tradition. These days, it is hard to tell which theory is the right one. One of them says that students started this habit, because they had only one hand available when taking notes during the lecture. They could not clap, but knocked when professor was giving a speech. If you come to study to Germany, do not forget about this tradition.


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