Hard to find in Germany (especially for women)

My list of things that I am having troubles to find in Germany (or, at least, in the German city I live in) is probably more interesting for women than men. Mostly, I mention personal hygiene products about which some men do not even care. But if you are a man and want to find out what your expat gf/wife might miss in Germany here we go:

Sheet masks

Photo 15-03-16 19 03 35

I do not know why sheet masks seem to be unpopular in Germany. There are only two big cosmetic stores in the German city I live in. DM and Müller. There are plenty of facial masks over there, but no sheet masks. Clay masks, for example, are not that convenient to use in my opinion, but you have to adjust to them if you are in Germany. Good luck!

Photo 15-03-16 19 11 22


Do not get me wrong, there is plenty of toothpaste to choose from. All the same, it might be difficult to find the one you are used to. While there is Colgate toothpaste available, there is no Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. Well, Amazon.de is the last resort if you cannot find something in supermarkets in Germany. I order my toothpaste from the UK now. I have never thought of buying toothpaste online from abroad, before I moved to Germany. Things change. Do not ask me if I can change my toothpaste. I cannot. The one that I use is the best one for me.

Safeguard soap

I believe Germans do not like using bar soap that much. Liquid soap is easy to find, of course. That is a personal preference, but I like to use Safeguard antibacterial bar soap. I have never seen Safeguard soap in local supermarkets. That’s why I brought some from China with me.

Photo 15-03-16 19 02 45

Cheap Corvina 51 ballpoint pens and cute notebooks

Back at home I liked to use the cheapest and the best pens ever. I often have pain in my wrist when I write for too long and those Corvina 51 pens worked well for me. Sadly, I could not find them in Germany and had to use ‘better’ pens for higher price that gave me troubles when writing. Finding a cute notebook (A5 size) was a problem too. I guess people do not care about such things here. Lol But I like cute things and wish there were more options here.

Photo 15-03-16 19 39 23

Single toilet paper in an individual package

If you have a car, you can bring as many things as you need with you. Taking a bus to get to a supermarket and back home is rather inconvenient. Quite often, I have to bring two full shopping bags of groceries with me, plus a big package of toilet paper. I do not want people to see which toilet paper I use (even though they do not care). I rather buy two-three individual packages and put them in my plastic bag, so no one can see what I have bought. This option is not available in Germany. It takes time to get used to it, but soon you can even put a huge package of toilet paper on a bus seat next to you without any discomfort.

Wet wipes for hands

You DO see wet wipes in a supermarket, but the variety of them is not so big here. In local DM I have only see three different brands, which is too little to me.

Sanitary napkins

Germans are open-minded about such things; so let me talk about sanitary napkins and tampons. Those are absolutely necessary and I wish there was a greater variety of them in Germany. There are not so many brands to choose from (I have seen maximum five brand names in a local supermarket). Choice is quite limited in comparison to other countries. Be aware of this fact, ladies!

Tissue paper in DM and Müller for cleaning your hands/face after trying on the products

Last time I was trying on different testers of rose lipsticks on my hand. While I could find a mirror to look at, I saw neither some tissue paper nor a trash bin that are usually there. I had to leave the store wearing lipstick on my hand. Later I asked a friend of mine if she has seen some tissue paper in Müller. Her answer was negative. If those things do exist there, they are really hard to find. Please, please relocate them.

Those are the products that come into my mind if you ask me what I am having troubles to find in Germany. Perhaps, I missed something or I did not look for some things carefully. In any case, you can always find a substitution or bring what you need from your holidays abroad.



2 thoughts on “Hard to find in Germany (especially for women)

  1. Definitely agree with the sanitary napkins! I was used to the cottony normal sized pad back home but here it’s either not cottony or too big. I also had a hard time finding a feminine wash.


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