Genitive Prepositions

Many Germans avoid using Genitive case in spoken language. Dative case is their best friend. 🙂 As a foreigner studying the language in Germany I see the tendency for giving the information about the Genitive case later than about the other cases.

However, it is important to understand Genitive case if you take a German language exam. First of all, you shall see its definition and the ways it is used. Do not forget to learn how articles/nouns/adjectives/pronouns/… decline in Genitive case.

For example,

m. des neuen Sessels, eines neuen Sessels, neuen Sessels

f. der neuen Tasche, einer neuen Tasche, neuer Tasche

n. des neuen Fensters, eines neuen Fensters, neuen Fensters

Pl. der neuen HĂ€user, keiner neuen HĂ€user, neuer HĂ€user

Do not forget about German prepositions that require the usage of Genitive case.

Here they are:

  • Prepositions of time

    Außerhalb beyond
    Innerhalb within
    WĂ€hrend during, conj. while
    Zeit during

  • Prepositions of place

    Abseits away fromAußerhalb outside
    Beiderseits on both sides of
    Diesseits on this side of
    Entlang along
    Inmitten in the middle/midst of
    Innerhalb inside
    Jenseits on the other side of
    LĂ€ngsseits along
    Oberhalb above
    Seitens on the part of
    Unterhalb below
    Unweit not far from

  • Cause/Reason Prepositions

    Angesichts in the face of, in view of
    AnlÀsslich on the occasion of
    Aufgrund on the basis of
    Dank thanks to
    Halber  for the sake of (halber goes after the noun)
    Infolge as a result of
    Kraft by virtue of, by use of
    Mangels for luck of
    Wegen because of

  • Prepositions of agent/instrument

    Vermöge by dint of , by virtue of

  • Other prepositions
    Anstatt instead of
    Statt instead of 
    Trotz in spite of, despite
    Um … willen for the sake of
    Ungeachtet in spite of , despite
    Zwecks for the purpose of

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