What do we know about German and English ‘ketchup’?

English: ketchup

German: der/das Ketchup or der/das Ketschup

Where does this word come from?

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Learn Chinese with the help of cartoons

Here is the list of Chinese cartoons I recommend to watch to improve your listening skills and get to know the culture more. As a foreigner, you might have never heard of them before, but they are loved by 80’s and 90’s kids. Perfect for the elementary/pre-intermediate/low intermediate levels (imho).

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Tips on learning Chinese characters (Hanzi)

1. Set a schedule. Think of how much time per day you can dedicate to studying Chinese characters. Find the time for the review. For example, you want to study 5 Chinese characters per day. That means, you shall get enough free time for learning new characters, plus reviewing the ones you have already learned.

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